© 2004 - 2020  BY ART DOMAIN GROUP - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Who's Who in Visual Art . 101 Top Fine Artists of Our Day . 2017-2018 Editorial Who’s Who in Visual Art celebrates its 10th anniversary. 100 Top Fine Artists of Our Day appears as a hymn to the uplifting beauty of art, in the spirit of Delacroix’s famous words: “Le premier mérite d’un tableau est d’être une fête pour l’oeil.” (“The primary merit of a painting is to be a feast for the eye.”) The volume comprises an excellent selection of living protagonists of the classic fine arts, which will bring the greatest delight to each true lover and connoisseur of art. If you look around today’s stages of the art market – the big and the smaller ones – it becomes all too apparent that the ideals that used to be decisive, such as aesthetic standard, craftsmanship and genuine search for truth, are obviously not recognised any more in the fine arts of our days, but are rather even frowned upon.     In fact: Like on all levels of our Western culture, an ominous spirit has replaced values that from time immemorial had been considered as beneficial and good with inferior ones. This spirit has also taken root in the arts and posits these destructive qualities as being desirable and good.  A symptom of an afflicted culture. It is fortunate and encouraging that worldwide you can still find a large number of artists beyond this ominous mainstream, who, through their presence and creative work, continue to spread something of the positive values so fundamental to true art. Since its first edition, Who’s Who in Visual Art has been committed to those artists and as the editor of this beautiful anniversary edition, 100 Top Fine Artists of Our Day, I see the endeavour of the publishing house and my own confirmed once more. The title is well established and has achieved a special status over the past 10 years, being a guide for many art-relevant bodies such as gallery owners, curators and art collectors. Ulrich Goette Himmelblau September 2016 Details: Hardcover: 240 pages . Size: 21,8 x 19,8 x 1,7 cm Language: English, German ISBN-13: 978-3-9817701-2-4