Draft of cover and inside The book is aimed at the lover of contemporary arts, crafts and design. 100 artists and designers in alphabetical order: a selection designed as recommendation, source and challenge for the enthusiastic lover of precious design objects. The book offers orientation and a clearly defined selection of artisans, craftspeople and designers, who distinguish themselves through solid technique and originality. The volume is limited to max. 100 entries, and it contains biographical and professional information about each listed fine artist. The text listings are accompanied by up to 4 samples of artwork.
Who's Who in Visual Art . 100 Artisans, Craftspeople & Designers . 2018-2019                © 2004 - 2018 BY ART DOMAIN GROUP - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ABOUT US The Feature: Entries are arranged in alphabetical order referring to the surname of the artist. Prefaced by a self-edited artist's statement, each listing contains all important biographical information as for the topics CO.=Nationality/Country, M.=Medium, C.=Artwork in Public resp. Private Collections, E.=Important Exhibitions; AE.=Art Education; AA.=Art Awards; P.=Publications. Up to 4 samples of artwork in high print quality along with the artist’s web address complete the entry. Further Data: Expected Publication Date: 1st quarter of 2018 Size 19 x 21 cm. Approx. 250 pages. Printed on matt high quality paper, 150g/qm. Presentation at Frankfurt and Leipzig Book Fair Distribution: The books are sold via bookstores worldwide in the English-speaking and German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). They are further sold online at Amazon.de, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, AbeBooks.com and others. or directly from Art Domain Whois Publisher at: info(at)whoisverlag.de Selection of Artists The number of listings is strongly limited. Artists to be indexed in Who`s Who in Visual Art will be selected by the publisher only. However, you may suggest an artist for the upcoming issues by using the provided email form. Just click here: Suggest an Artist